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There’s a lot to love at Home Grown, Our Unicorn Bar is a hidden London gem, complete with billowing white curtains, and the best and brightest of the business world seated at the counter. We’re pretty confident we also have one of London’s best cocktail menus — did we mention our bartenders distill their own homemade pink gin?

Inspired by Italy

Our cocktail of the moment is a particularly special one — you simply won’t find it anywhere else. A Sardinian First was created by our bartender, Luca, and named after his hometown of Siniscola in Sardinia. 

“When I created this cocktail, I was thinking about my little patch of earth back in Sardinia. I love London but naturally I miss home, so I tried to put flavours into this drink that remind me of what it’s like to be in Italy, At first I thought about calling it A Summer Breeze, but I wanted the name to reflect the story of making it. It’s the first cocktail I’ve created for Home Grown and as I’m from Sardinia, the name quite easily in the end.”

How to make it

To create the cocktail, Luca simply adds 50ml of gin to a cocktail shaker, along with 20ml of Campari, 10ml of honey, 40ml of grapefruit juice and 15ml of passion fruit purée. He adds ice, shakes everything together, strains and serves garnished with a slice of candied grapefruit. 

“The shake and strain technique is really important to help all the ingredients blend together, especially with the fruit juice in the drink. Shaking it adds air bubbles to the drink so makes it really light and delicious.”

A Sardinian First is sweet, fruity and tangy - the kind of cocktail best enjoyed on its own before you sit down to dinner, or as the star of the show while you tuck into a few small plates. We particularly like it as an after-dinner treat alongside our creamy white chocolate cheesecake. What’s not to love?

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