“I have already made great friends through my membership”

In our latest member spotlight, Erin White shares her personal motivations and motto, the challenges she faced in growing Hydrafacial in EMEA, and the value of her Home Grown membership.

What’s a life/work motto you live by?
Some would say it is, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” But really, I live a life of “what’s possible?” And if it’s possible, I believe I can achieve it. Theodore Roosevelt said,
“Believe you can, and you are half way there.” That’s my motto.

You have a wealth of experience of sales in pharmaceuticals & Dermatology, how has working for Hydrafacial been different?
I have been very fortunate in my career. Early in my career, my first big position was a director of a medical manufacturing company. I oversaw two sales divisions, customer service, HR, Education and Quality, and Special Projects. I was able to get the company GMP certified as the first step to ISO certification. I left there to be a stay at home mom, then returned to the workforce in the aesthetics industry in 2006.

Hydrafacial is a brand with passionate, evangelical consumers. We say you have to “get it to get it” and it’s true! Once you have had a Hydrafacial, you will become a devotee. I meet people all over the world and I love seeing the reaction I get when I say, “I work for The Hydrafacial Company”. Hydrafacial is a heritage medical aesthetics company, so it was an easy fit for me. It is fun embracing the omnichannel appeal of this brand. Unlike the injectables or medical devices I have sold in the past, where your lane is narrow on
who you can sell to, Hydrafacial fits anywhere skin is cared for. The best part is we know the consumer will find Hydrafacial in their dermatologist’s office, while on vacation at a high-end resort or on a visit to the day spa. There are few brands with such broad availability or appeal.

What’s been your biggest challenge in growing the Hydrafacial brand in Europe, Middle East and Africa? 
I started with Hydrafacial in the US where we have good brand awareness. In EMEA, we have only been distributor-based until last summer. I came to the UK in January 2022 to work with our UK, France, Germany, and Spain Country Managers to develop and build sales teams, plus oversee overall sales performance for these direct markets along with our remaining 22 distributors. The biggest challenge is that aesthetic businesses in the UK are not as aware of Hydrafacial as in the US and Canada. We invested heavily in our London Flagship located at 10 Portman Square, where we offer a free Hydrafacial to consumers. Once customers have a Hydrafacial, then we share which providers are in their area where they can continue to have Hydrafacial treatments.

If there’s one piece of advice you could give to your 21-year-old self, what would it be?
There are few things I would tell 21-year old self. I wish I had been a better student, worked harder in college, really excelled, and gone on to
graduate school. But I also think I am who I am today because of what I did or didn’t do. I really like who I am now, so maybe I would just tell my 21-year-old self, “You’re going to
really like who you will become someday”.

How’s your Home Grown experience been so far? 
I wish I had joined Home Grown sooner! I travel for work, so I am not in London as much as I would like to enjoy everything Home Grown offers. I have already made great friends through
my membership and have used the facilities multiple times for work meetings. As you know flats in London are tiny! Home Grown is like having a much larger home at my

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