Female Force in Tech – Cecilia Harvey


‘There’s more to Cecilia Harvey than just being a successful tech-savvy businesswoman. With over 20 years of experience in finance and technology. Cecilia is an advocate for responsible technology leadership that seeks to inspire, elevate and disrupt global businesses and communities.’

Rick Lowe, founding Member and current Master of the Company of Entrepreneurs has been supporting Home Grown since its inception dedicated to creating innovative and creative members events, specifically our monthly series in partnership with The Company of Entrepreneurs.

The essence of this series, as hosted by Rick Lowe, is to interview dynamic and successful entrepreneurs to explore: their journey in business, lessons learned along the way, success secrets, challenges and opportunities ahead for entrepreneurs in the business world and personal tips on ‘how to manage the rollercoaster ride of an entrepreneur’

Here’s some key takeaways from our discussion with Cecilia Harvey…

I didn’t want to be just an entrepreneur, I wanted to be THAT entrepreneur.

Cecilia expressed that from the start of her career in tech that she had the big dreams of taking a company public, get acquired or get a high evaluation one day. Throughout this exciting interview here at Home Grown, she walked us through some of the key steps oner her journey. 

Rick Lowe – “Is it good for an entrepreneur to start in the corporate life?

Cecilia Harvey – “I think it’s helped me, I don’t think it’s necessary a must, but it is important to recognise where your gaps are it is a must to make sure you’ve got the team around you who have that experience.

I was always one of those people in tech who always used to say – why can’t I work from home? But in business who need to allow for a diversity of work styles.

Rick Lowe – “What does success look like for you?

Cecilia – “Oh god! I constantly ask myself this, at least once a year anyway. On my vision board (I’m really into that sort of thing) I have this Nelson Mandela quote;
which sums it up:

There’s nothing to be gained from living a life of small and not living a life that you ultimately deserve”

For me, it’s always been, go big or go home!

Here are Cecilia’s top tips for young businesses:

  • – Get brave with outsourcing
  • – Work on your fundamental key skills like networking.
  • – Create an environment where you can unapologetically focus

You can catch up and re-watch the interview here.

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Meet Rick Lowe

Dynamic and focussed entrepreneur in the world of licensed fashion products. MD and Co-Founder of Brands In Ltd, a leading supplier of licensed fashion to major retailers such as Sports Direct, ASOS, BooHoo, PLT, Amazon, working with some of the biggest brands e.g. Disney, Warners Bros, Bravado. Key experience in startup businesses, rapid growth, scale-up, raising finance and management. Previously operated in the corporate world within the tech space at director level.

Founding Member and current Master of the Company of Entrepreneurs.  A longstanding member of Home House and has been supporting Home Grown since its inception dedicated to supporting Home Grown with our members events, specifically our monthly  series in partnership with The Company of Entrepreneurs,  and helping to grow our membership community.

Rick is also a keen public speaker, marathon runner and business leader. He believes that his successes have come from the way that he has been able to apply desire, focus and execution in a very competitive and changing landscape.

For more information about Brands In Ltd visit their website below: https://www.brandsin.co.uk/

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