Mental Health @ Work (Work & Play) with Marc Preston (Le Network)


How can we manage our mental health both at work and at play? 

The most pressing way is by releasing the stigma. 

Our partners Le Network shared their expertise and knowledge with our members last week and dived into some great resources that can be put into practice right now. 

With special guest speaker Marc Preston in conversation with Jay Udo-Udoma

Covering everything from keeping in a good state of well being, positive psychology, future self & mental health first aid. 

With everything that has been happening in the world in the last 12 months +, we are happy that touching on ways that you can manage your mental health is now more frequently talked about. However, there is undoubtedly still a way to go. 

With so many people working remotely and isolation being prominent, unfortunately, mental health problems are rising globally. 

Everyone has ‘Mental Health’ and we have to take care of it and from time to time – we have to take extra special care of it. From Marc’s session, we wanted to share with you some of the things Marc suggested practising in order to take care of our mental health.

This is so important, so we haven’t held back! 

  • Regular exercise 
  • Writing 
  • Art therapy
  • Let your feelings out in different ways; talking, laughing, crying, expressing anger (it’s okay to be angry)
  • Learn ways to relax (breathing exercises/muscle relaxation, yoga)
  • Focus on the present. 
  • Look for the humour.
  • Do things you enjoy
  • Implement a daily routine,
  • Don’t do things that prevent sleep (drinking a lot of caffeine or alcohol before bed), sleep has a direct link to mental and physical health.
  • Epson relaxation, music is quite good. Breathing and calming exercises are quite useful as well. 
  • Stay connected, talk to people, talk to your neighbours, talk to friends, talk to your family, talk to somebody & don’t be afraid to talk about worries.
  • Stick to the facts. Avoid conspiracy theories. 
  • Distinguish the end of the workday somehow; change your clothes, take a shower or walk
  • Individual planning
  • When reading online or outside sources for advice, make sure you gear it toward your specific situation. Look at your own situation, your own circumstance, your own thoughts, and modify anything you read or any recommendations, to you. 
  • Play – it’s not just for kids, it’s very therapeutic and it is important. It relieves stress, it releases nice endorphins, improves brain function, stimulates the mind and boosts creativity. It also improves relationships and connections with others, especially team play. It keeps you feeling young and energetic, helps you develop social skills, reminds you of the importance of cooperation, prevents burnout & helps to see problems in a new way,
  • Access nature regularly. There is so much abundance in nature – remind yourself of that. 
  • Keep a positive mindset. Be hopeful, optimistic and grateful.  
  • Learn to deal with setbacks, failure, struggles – resilience. 
  • Make yourself approachable for others to reach out to as well, helping others release oxytocin. 

And most importantly, never be afraid to seek help. 

Be kind to yourself, kindness doesn’t always mean to other people, it can be to yourself. So if anyone fancies a nice glass of wine and some chocolate, after this, give yourself permission to do so, the little things really aid us in taking care of our mental health. 

We’d like to thank Marc for all this wisdom shared and hope that you have been able to take away some tangible tips.

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