“I can’t change what happened 10 minutes ago, so it doesn’t allow time to reflect because I’m thinking about these are the 30 things I’ve got to do.”

Within the esteemed confines of our Home Grown Club, the vibrant pulse of entrepreneurial narratives beats loud and clear. As you navigate through the compelling saga of founders, one name that resonates is Adam Jacobs, the ingenious force behind Bloom Procurement Services. Adam isn’t just a disruptor in the business world; he’s also a distinguished Home Grown Club member, adding an extra layer of resonance to his entrepreneurial journey.

At the core of Jacobs’ narrative is a pivotal moment—a convergence of academic pursuits, familial challenges, and an unyielding spirit. Reflecting on his journey, he shares, “My parents gave everything for me and sacrificed everything. I thought, I don’t know … something just … I haven’t stopped since, basically. So that’s a trigger for me.” This poignant trigger propelled him into an unwavering commitment to success.

Stepping into the world of management consultancy, Jacobs navigated strategic projects for multinational giants, honing what he now calls an “art form” of insight—a delicate balance between qualitative and quantitative research. His journey from a 40-person organisation to a 120-person entity became a crucible for self-discovery. “Bloom is about outcomes. It’s the core of our purpose,” he asserts, encapsulating a paradigm shift towards tangible results over mere efficiency.

The trajectory of Bloom is a testament to Jacobs’ realisation of the need for niche expertise in the procurement landscape. “We need lots of different expertise, right? And very niche,” he emphasises, detailing the collaborative effort that birthed a compliant model, free from inefficiencies and transparent in its outcomes-driven approach.

Bloom’s transformative power lies in its ability to alleviate burdens for clients, allowing them to concentrate on core objectives while Jacobs and his team navigate the complexities of procurement. “You can focus on the things you need to focus on, and don’t worry about procurement because we handle that for you. And that’s transformative in terms of cost and process,” he explains, underscoring the company’s commitment to simplifying the business landscape.

As Jacobs reflects on his journey, he admits to the relentless pace of entrepreneurship. “I can’t change what happened 10 minutes ago, so it doesn’t allow time to reflect because I’m thinking about these are the 30 things I’ve got to do.” Yet, amidst the chaos, his vision extends beyond the immediate tasks, envisioning Bloom as a global brand and a catalyst for positive change in the UK.

When asked about integrating AI into Bloom’s operations, Jacobs sees potential in leveraging technology for pattern recognition and data analysis. However, he emphasises the enduring value of interpersonal skills, problem-solving, teamwork, and effective communication—a delicate balance between technology and human capabilities.

Driven by a commitment to ethical business practices, Jacobs encapsulates his philosophy in a powerful mantra: “I will only ever do the right thing.” For him, doing the right thing transcends short-term financial gains, forming the bedrock of Bloom’s operational principles.

In conclusion, Adam Jacobs’ disrupted leadership journey with Bloom Procurement Services showcases the fusion of personal resilience, strategic acumen, and a steadfast commitment to ethical entrepreneurship. His story, when viewed through the lens of a founder and entrepreneur, becomes a thought-provoking exploration of how purpose and integrity can shape a remarkable business odyssey.


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