“I love popping into a Home Grown event when I am needing a bit of inspiration as an entrepreneur.”


Tell us a bit about yourself and why you started Motivate?

Motivate is for people who feel that they lack the knowledge, motivation or time to train.

We match you with a brilliant personal trainer for a private online or in person training experience.

I set up Motivate after discovering how powerful exercise and movement was to my daily life and how it can drive my goals – I want everyone to experience the incredible high that an active life gives you. And most importantly, the accountability of a personal trainer, helps our clients absolutely smash their goals. This is why I love what I do – empowering people through exercise!

What will Sweat working bring to the Home Grown Community?

Sweat working ticks so many boxes for members who are short on time or looking for an event that is different. Obviously we are going to cover movement and fitness in a really fun and interactive way. The networking will come in naturally, as the group will be tight-knit and there will be elements of partner work and teamwork  –  the best motivation! And then, the opportunity to chat over some very well deserved smoothies at the end makes it, in my opinion, the perfect start to the weekend!


Your top tips for starting the year on the right foot fitness wise (and juggling  a business)?

I know first hand, from juggling a business and two little ones, that wellness can so easily fall off the priority list. However,  because I have experienced the incredibly powerful effects of a fitness routine, I regularly check in with myself to stop that from happening. A solid routine helps me with everything from my day to day energy levels to my sleep. It also eliminates any pain or discomfort I might feel in my body from sitting at a desk or carrying kids around. My top tips are to hold your fitness sessions in your diary as you would hold a meeting. Whether it’s once a week, twice a week or more, take it seriously and you will find it becomes easier to establish a routine. It becomes non-negotiable. If you miss a workout, don’t berate yourself too much. Simply add it back into the calendar as soon as you can! Having the next session already in the diary is the key to following through.


How do you use Home Grown  and are there any particular experiences you would like to share?

I love popping into a Home Grown event when I am needing a bit of inspiration as an entrepreneur. Even when you have a team around you, being the sole decision maker in a business presents many challenges, and a community with lots of specialists in different areas is a brilliant way to staying informed and inspired.


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