Metrix and Chill: Mastering your Metrics for Business Success

Wednesday 13th September, 4:30pm

In this interactive workshop Susannah Chambers will share the Metrix Chill approach and explain how strategies it incorporates including value statementing, a basket of measures and financial proxies can rapidly create positive outcomes in teams – and you as an individual – articulating value, impact and return on investment. This session is relevant and accessible to anybody working in any sector, in any role and with any level of experience in measuring impact and evaluation techniques.

How do we explain to those we seek to influence, including investors, the value we’re creating through the effort we make? Metrics for measurement are often to seen to be the answer to this challenge. However, what do we do when people gravitate to their own view of judging which metrics are important and how can these be negotiated for a win-win outcome?

The Metrix Chill model, created by Susannah Chambers, has been tried and tested multiple times in both the tech- and non-tech sectors and has been showcased at a variety of events, including the inaugural World Enterprise Agility Conference and Agile Lithuania.

Metrix & Chill helps teams and individuals make sense of how to move forward meaningfully and strategically through gaining alignment around understanding which metrics matter to articulate the value created through the effort made, which contributes to more productive and efficient styles of work and decision-making.

Susannah Chambers is laser focused on empowering teams – and the individuals that make up those teams – to recognise and articulate the value they create. She is hugely passionate about coaching towards building cultures where everybody’s voice is heard. The aim of this is to enable teams and individuals to recognise, celebrate and increase their value. So she created the Metrix & Chill approach!
Susannah is an Agile Coach Lead and Certified ScrumMaster. She has over 20 years’ practical experience serving individuals and teams on projects through from local to an international scale across a wide range of sectors including tech, retail, construction and education. Referred to in the introduction to her speaking at an international conference as a “walking/talking/singing/dancing career portfolio”, Susannah believes in modelling the behaviours she coaches others to explore.
As well as her day-to-day work coaching, including those relating to agile approaches to work as well and her broader eclectic career porfolio, Susannah has studied Leadership Coaching at Harvard Extension School and achieved an ‘excellent’ grade Diploma in Coaching at the University of Cambridge. Susannah’s mission in life is to bring joy! Her favourite way to spend her time is being with her 3 children and making music.

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