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Dynamic Vinyasa Flow with Joanna
Monday 15th June, 6.30pm - 7.30pm via Zoom
Members and guests complimentary

Focus your mind and build strength and flexibility in this Dynamic Vinyasa yoga session with our Home Grown Yoga Teacher Joanna Voudouris. Using movement and breath in sync to flow from one posture to another, build strength and flexibility.   Connect body and mind by linking the movement to your breath, allowing you to forget about everything else and focus on your practice, looking inward. Whether you are advanced in Yoga or a complete novice, Joanna will lead the class so that everyone can take part at their level.



Success by Design: How to Increase Your Brain Power
with Natalia Ramsden B Psych, Arts. MsC Occ Psych. MBA

Tuesday 16th June, 6pm via Zoom
Members and two guests complimentary

Brain optimisation is a growing field and SOFOS Associates is pioneering this in the UK. Brain health and performance enhancement are gaining momentum and is something individuals want to know more. The field of Neuroscience is evolving rapidly as people seek out way to better themselves and gain ‘the edge’ over competitors. 

In places like New York and Silicon Valley, executives not only train their bodies but also their brains. To date, no other facility services clients in London the way that SOFOS does when it comes to brain health and regeneration, performance, optimisation and cognition. This session will discuss the role the brain plays in executive success and what individuals can do to boost their brain power. Natalia is a Business Psychologist specialising in cognitive performance and brain optimisation. She is the founder of SOFOS Associates – the UK’s first Brain Optimisation clinic. 


Food For Thought
Rebel Kitchen & Nurture Brands Founder Ben Arbib in Conversation with Barnaby Wynter
Wednesday 17th June, 6.30pm via Zoom
Members and two guests complimentary

The global vegan food market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.4% and to a size of $300 billion by 2025, says a Bank of America report. A perfect storm of climate change, peak globalization and health risks is making the future of food ripe for transformation. Join us as we speak to one of the pioneers in the UK market for sustainable and plant-based foods, Ben Arbib. Find out what's next for the Rebel Kitchen and Nurture Brands founder and his ambitious plan to become one of the UK’s leading food and beverage businesses. Ben will be interviewed by Barnaby Wynter, who has spent over 25 years advising and creating over 450 brands, many of which are instantly familiar and household names.

The Next Era of Enterprise:
Compassionate Leadership
with Dr Amy Bradley

Thursday 18th June, 12pm via Zoom
Members and two guests complimentary

In this next part of our ‘Next Era’ series, we talk to Dr Amy Bradley about the importance of compassionate leadership in the workplace. Amy researches, writes, consults and speaks on the topics of engagement, compassion and humanity at work. Her research has been published in academic and practitioner publications including Harvard Business Review, Forbes Magazine and Management Today and new book, The Human Moment, has been longlisted for CMI's Management Book of the year 2020 - ‘Organisations are becoming increasingly dehumanised. The move toward an AI-driven world of work means intense competition for a finite number of ‘human’ resources where the pressure to perform can incite an “I’m fine” response when a colleague enquires into our wellbeing. Opportunities to connect authentically with or care for one other at a basic human level are diminishing, and we only know our colleagues superficially’.


Venturers Club Exclusive: Formulating a Strategy for Revenue, Profit, and Market Growth Post-Pandemic
Thursday June 18th, 4pm via Zoom
Members complimentary

Home Grown members are exclusively invited to a webinary hosted by Dr Nick Quinn (University of Glasgow) and R. Michael Anderson (Venturers Club member, software entrepreneur and leadership mentor to Microsoft, Salesforce, & PwC) who will share their insights, based on extensive research. Included in their talk will be: The essential “must-do” activities that the magical top 10% of winners post-downturn have done, what’s happening in the market that most business owners aren’t aware of (and need to be), the “gotcha” mistake that most businesses make that they end up regretting and the single biggest driver of success in growth through a recession.


Why Now is a Critical Time to Focus on Building Your Personal Brand
Webinar with Kelly Millar

Friday 19th June, 12pm via Zoom
Members and two guests complimentary

Do you find talking about yourself dauting? Learn how to see yourself as a brand, how it can help your business and get clarity on your message so that you can make the impact you want. We all have a voice, message and a mission to share, and everyone can make an impact and a living in the digital economy. The key is to recognise yourself as a brand and consider how you, and your business are going to thrive by finding opportunities to interact and do business with a new mindset. It is a crucial time to rebrand, to get online and to establish a personal, professional or company brand so that you can stand out and aren't left behind in the new normal. Kelly is a transformation and branding specialist and the founder of KM Transformational Branding.


Meet the Next Generation of Female Entrepreneurs
'Thriving during the COVID-19 crisis: Testimonies from Five Female Founders'
with Women’s Entrepreneurship Programme from King’s College London

Monday 22nd June, 6.30pm via Zoom
Members and guests complimentary

We are thrilled to announce our first virtual event with the Women’s Entrepreneurship Programme from King’s College London (KCL). This new alliance has resulted in five of the programme’s alumni being selected to benefit from a one year Home Grown membership. Join us to hear first-hand from the five inspiring female founders who are currently running their ventures. They will share their experiences of their entrepreneurial journey and how they had to be resilience and creative to adapt to the current Covid-19 situation. Julie Devonshire OBE, Director of the Entrepreneurship Institute at King's College London, will be interviewing them. She is an award-winning social entrepreneur and business-scaling expert.


The Winning Series
'Controlling the Controllable in an Uncontrollable World' with former Olympian Derek Redmond

Tuesday 23rd June, 6pm via Zoom
Members and two guests complimentary

One of Britain’s most famous athletes, Derek Redmond is a World and European relay champion. Having broken the British 400m record on two occasions, Derek was one of the country’s best athletes during the 1980s and 1990s. A key member of the relay squad that won gold at the 1991 World Championships in Tokyo, he competed at the highest level for over a decade.

Join us for the next in the Winning Series as Derek will share some of the skills he learnt in order to stay focused on his goals in a forever changing world. You will learn how to break down your long-term goals into tasks you have total control over and I will highlight how to best use your time on the thing you control in order to achieve your goal.


Emerge as the Best Authentic You 
Post Covid-19

Tuesday 23rd June, 7pm via Zoom
Members and two guests complimentary

Our image is a true reflection of who we are, as much on the outside as the inside. How often do you feel like you have not put your best foot forward, or even an okay foot? The way we present ourselves is the first thing that anyone sees and hugely impacts the quality of the opportunity, relationship or partnership. Why wouldn't you ensure that you show up as your best and authentic self every time? Join expert in image development Jennifer Schneider and learn how to understand and improve the core elements of image construction: energy, behaviours and body language, and presentation and image. 


Walpole Series - British Brands of Tomorrow: How to Adapt with Creativity & Agility, with House of Hackney
Wednesday 24th June, 6.30pm Via Zoom
Members And Two Guests Complimentary

Join us for the third webinar in the series hosted in partnership with Walpole’s Brands of Tomorrow. Meet Frieda Gormley, co-founder of maximalist interiors, fashion and lifestyle design brand House of Hackney, listed as one of Walpole’s 50 Most Influential People in British Luxury, in conversation with Jonathan Heilbron.

House of Hackney blazed a trail through the magnolia-walled interiors of the 21st century with their painterly prints and exquisite colours. Meet the creative mind who, alongside her husband Javvy, continues to challenge the norm in a world that is itself challenging the ‘norm’, as she shares her insight into the need for innovation, creativity and agility throughout the age of social distancing. Jonathan Heilbron is former Chairman of Walpole’s Brands of Tomorrow and now partner of Redrice Ventures, Walpole’s strategic early stage investment partner.


The Next Era of Enterprise
Inclusive Leadership – with Tim Clayton-Ball

Thursday 25th June, 12pm via Zoom
Members and two guests complimentary

For decades, we have struggled to crack the diversity and inclusion “code”. Diversity and inclusion in corporations is more urgent than ever before. Is this just a product of time and effort or is there something bigger enabling this? We will be joined by Tim Clayton-Ball who will share his thoughts on the truth behind Inclusive Leadership and what is needed to make a giant leap forward. Tim is Partner at Deloitte LLP and is a leader in our Human Capital business where he runs the Leadership Practice. Tim has over 30 years of working with clients across all aspects of the transformation agenda, paying particular attention to the cultural and behavioural requirements needed to incubate change.


Managing Relationships with Stakeholders in Challenging Times
Webinar with Donald Featherstone

Friday 26th June 9 – 10am via Zoom
Members and two guests complimentary

How do you manage your key stakeholders in times of crisis? The relationships with investors, suppliers, board members, service providers and customers are crucial to overcome challenging times for your business. Join Donald Featherstone, Partner and Managing Director at Boston Consulting Group, as he will share his advice on what is important when it comes to relationship management, negotiations and restructuring. Specialised on turnaround and transformation, Donald Featherstone is a leader in BCG TURN, Boston Consulting Group’s special unit that helps CEO’s and business leaders deliver rapid, visible, and sustainable step-change improvement. He has over 25 years experience in corporate turnarounds, large-scale financial restructurings, interim management, and board mandates. He focuses on assisting public and private companies with complex capital structures, stakeholder negotiations, and the execution of operational transformation programs.


Crocodile Lair
Monday 29th June, 6pm via Zoom
Members and guests complimentary

Who has got the breakthrough idea? Our popular pitching event ‘Crocodile Lair’ hosted by the Startup Funding Club is back virtually. Join the award-winning Angel Network and Seed Investment Fund for an evening of innovation and watch disruptive companies pitching for investment. A leading early-stage investment firm, The Startup Funding Club is providing seed capital and support to promising British companies. The startups that will be pitching are offering ground-breaking solutions in wide ranging areas from health, biotech, education and sustainability.


Dynamic Vinyasa Flow with Joanna
Monday 29th June, 6.30pm - 7.30pm via Zoom
Members and guests complimentary

Focus your mind and build strength and flexibility in this Dynamic Vinyasa yoga session with our Home Grown Yoga Teacher Joanna Voudouris. Using movement and breath in sync to flow from one posture to another, build strength and flexibility.   Connect body and mind by linking the movement to your breath, allowing you to forget about everything else and focus on your practice, looking inward. Whether you are advanced in Yoga or a complete novice, Joanna will lead the class so that everyone can take part at their level.


Rockstar Series: Steve Byrne – CEO of Travel Counsellors
in conversation with Duncan Greenfield-Turk

Tuesday 30th June, 7pm via Zoom
Members and guests complimentary

Home Grown proudly presents our next Rockstar: Steve Byrne is the CEO of Travel Counsellors, with over 1,900 Global Franchises. Join us Steve he takes the virtual stage and discover Steve’s journey, from humble beginnings to running Travel Counsellors, who look after 450,000 passengers each year, with a revenue of £600M annually. In discussion with luxury travel expert, and Home Grown Ambassador, Duncan Greenfield-Turk, we will explore the question: what now for the travel and hospitality industry? Find out how the travel industry needs to adapt in order to thrive Post Covid-19.


The Next Era of Enterprise – Rethinking Production and Consumption
Hosted by Barry Holmes and Sarah Matthew with Rachel Arthur
Thursday 2nd July 12pm via Zoom
Members and guests complimentary

In the next part of our ‘Next Era’ series, we talk to leading sustainability and innovation consultant Rachel Arthur, who co-founded FashMash, a members-only network and monthly speaker series featuring the world’s brightest minds dissecting the future of fashion. Rachel is focused on how to bring systems-level change to the fashion industry, her work is geared around new business models, supply chain transformation and storytelling. To reduce the negative environmental damage being done within the critical 10-year time frame we have, we need to be thinking about a post growth future, one that re-engineers the very notion of consumption and indeed capitalism itself.


Home Grown Watch Club Series 
with Nicholas Bowman-Scargill, CEO of Fears Watches, moderated by David Wahi

Thursday 2nd July, 7pm via Zoom
Members and two guests complimentary

Meet Nicholas Bowman-Scargill, the CEO of Fears Watches, who will join us in converation with Home Grown member David Wahi to talk about his journey of reviving the legacy of a heritage brand, and share insights into managing a business in an extremely competitive and saturated market. Fears Watches is one of Britain's oldest watch companies, having first been established by Edwin Fear in 1846 on Redcliff Street in Bristol, England. After 110 years of designing and manufacturing watches, the company closed its doors in the late 1950s when the third generation of the family retired. In 2016, when the business would have celebrated its 170th anniversary, it was re-established by Edwin Fear's great-great-great-grandson, Nicholas Bowman-Scargill.


KickStarter Series
Becoming Friends with Ambiguity

Monday 6th July, 8.15am via Zoom
Members and two guests complimentary

Get up, get thinking and get energised with our KickStarter series, hosted by Dr Aarti Anhal, founder of before nine. If there’s one element of the VUCA (i.e. Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) Covid-19 world we’re most struggling with, it’s ambiguity. As businesses try to understand what the continually evolving situation means and how they can plan effectively to mitigate threat and seize opportunity, it’s time to explore the “nuts and bolts” of ambiguity. How do we respond to it as humans? What differentiates people who manage it well versus those who find it overwhelming? And what tools can leaders use to navigate it, whether in the context of business planning or supporting their people? The answer to these questions and more for those who wish to start the month as they mean to go on.


Man Down
Entrepreneur and Author Charlie Hoare in Conversation with Dr Aarti Anhal

Tuesday 7th July, 1pm via Zoom
Members and two guests complimentary

How is the all-consuming nature of start-up life affecting you mentally? Do you find it difficult to open up about how you’re feeling? You might be surprised to learn that you are not alone. Join Charlie Hoare, Co-Founder of TAPPED organic birch water and Positive Psychology practitioner, as he discusses his new book ‘Man Down’ with Dr Aarti Anhal from Before Nine. Charlie will draw on his experiences as both an entrepreneur and wellbeing expert to provide tips on how to overcome the fear of vulnerability, find ways to reach out and navigate mental health issues.


The Guild of Entrepreneurs:
Fit to Survive - An Introduction to Entrepreneurs for Surviving a Crisis Using Mission Command
with Rowan Jackson and Haig Armaghanian

Tuesday 7th July, 6.30pm via Zoom
Members and two guests complimentary

To survive, organisations need to be “fit”: business is Darwinian, only the fittest survive. Join Rowan Jackson and Haig Armaghanian who will explain the key characteristics of organisations that are fit to survive a crisis and find out the tested methods, actions and principles that are essential for success. Haig and Rowan will use the responses from a short survey sent in advance to facilitate a highly interactive presentation and discussion.



Walpole Series – British Luxury Brands of Tomorrow: How to Adapt With Creativity & Agility, with Tom Raffield
Wednesday 8th July, 6.30pm Via Zoom
Members and two guests complimentary

Join us for the fourth webinar in the series hosted in partnership with Walpole’s Brands of Tomorrow which features Tom Raffield, founder of Tom Raffield, contemporary lighting, furniture and accessories design studio which uses wood to craft the next generation of design, in conversation with Robert Senior. Tom Raffield blends traditional techniques with modern technologies to break new ground - from its steam bending origins right up to its pioneering range of products and design services today.

Meet the creative mind who continues, who continues to challenge the norm in a world that is itself challenging the ‘norm’, as he shares his insight into the need for innovation, creativity and agility in this new era.


The Next Era of Enterprise: Beyond Plastic
with Sian Sunderland, co-founder of
‘A Plastic Planet’

Thursday 9th July, 12pm via Zoom 
Members and two guests complimentary

Every year, over 300 million tons of plastic is produced, 50% of which is for single-use purposes, and more than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans. For the next conversation in our series, we will be joined by Sian Sunderland, co-founder of ‘A Plastic Planet’, a social impact non-profit dedicated to reducing single-use plastic. Sian works with global brands, retailers, and packaging suppliers to reduce the amount of indestructible plastic used by supermarkets. In Europe, nearly 40 per cent of all plastic is used for packaging, and nearly half of that wrapped food and drink. This year Sian launched a ‘plastic-free aisle’ in collaboration with Dutch supermarket, EkoPlaza, with special biomaterial packaging that easily decomposes. Join us for a discussion around sustainability and what is needed to finally move beyond plastic.


Marketing Strategy - Growing the Business Post Lockdown with John Courtney
Friday 10th July, 12pm via Zoom
Members and two guests complimentary

Join John Courtney, founder and CEO of BoardroomAdvisors.co.uk for a webinar that will provide exclusive insights in to how to grow your business post lockdown. Learn how to identify market gaps by addressing the core growth questions, defining customer needs and clarifying your value proposition. John will explain the key requirements of your growth strategy with regards to your brand, lead generation and communication tools. 

John Courtney trained as a strategy consultant and is a serial entrepreneur, having founded 7 businesses and is CEO of BoardroomAdvisors.co.uk. He has been ranked #30 in CityAM’s list of UK Entrepreneurs, awarded Lifetime Achievement Award by techSPARK for his work with Scale-Ups and a Judge at National Business Awards and Amazon Scale-Up Awards.


Beliefs, Attitudes and Behaviours: How they inform the way we interact with the world and how we can change them
Saturday 11th July, 10am via Zoom
Members and two guests complimentary

The world moves fast and life changes rapidly – perhaps more rapidly than it has ever done before. Covid19 arrived quickly. As a result, an increasing number of people are feeling concerned and anxious. In learning to let go of the past and becoming curious about what might be, Jon demonstrates the techniques to transform how you view the world. 

Jon started his working life as a trainee chef working his way up through sales and marketing to becoming recognised as an expert in managing and motivating people. Jon is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership Management (ILM) and Fellow of the (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA). He was Ernst and Youngs ‘Entrepreneur of the year’ winner in 2002.


Bitcoin - Beyond the Headlines 

with James Brodie, Founding Partner & CIO at ID Theory
and Paul Gordon, Founder at Coinscrum

Tuesday 14th July starting at 6pm via Zoom
Members and two guests complimentary

With Bitcoin continuing to hit the headlines as market veterans such as Paul Tudor Jones start to champion its investment thesis, a scratch beneath the surface reveals a whole other universe of experimentations and innovations that this divisive technology has inspired. To lead you down this little rabbit hole, we welcome two Home Grown members, James Brodie, Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer at cryptoasset investment fund ID Theory, and Paul Gordon, a former interest rate derivatives trader and broker of 20+ years and founder of Coinscrum, one of the world’s oldest and largest Bitcoin & blockchain networking groups in. Join for this interactive session and find out what is next for the 10bn "Digital" Dollar market.


The Next Era of Enterprise: Rethinking the Rules of High-Performance Teamwork
Hosted by Barry Holmes and Sarah Matthew, with Caspar Craven
Thursday 16th July June, 12pm – 1.15pm via Zoom
Members and two guests complimentary

Caspar Craven challenges conventional thinking on how high-performance teamwork can be achieved in order to deliver extraordinary results. Caspar draws on over 30 years of experience having built and led teams in global corporations, start-ups and both struggling and high growth businesses. He has twice built teams to sail around the world, the first time on the world’s toughest yacht race and the second time with his wife and three children, aged just 9, 7 and 2. As an entrepreneur, he has built his own business from scratch and sold it for a 7 figure sum whilst sailing the Pacific Ocean. Join us for the next part of our series as we explore why so many businesses get team building wrong, how to retain high performance teams and how to uncover opportunities in challenging times.


How Getting Published in Harvard Business Review Secured +£500K in Consulting Revenue
Friday 17th July, 12pm via Zoom
Members and two guests complimentary

Is your business feast or famine? Has it been knocked sideways by the pandemic? Discover how to grow your consulting practice by being published in prestigious global publications – without using an expensive PR firm. Think, how could being published in global prestigious publication help raise your and your firm’s profile? How could you get this profile building to snowball? How could you turn this profile building into profit? If you are a consultant or a business owner wanting to target CEOs, then this highly practical session is for you. Roger E Jones will share the approach he took to be published in Harvard Business Review (and featured by WsJ and The Sunday Times) and how he converted this into 6-figure revenue. An INSEAD & Cranfield alum today he works with smaller professional service firms to enable them to become sought after trusted advisors in their marketplace. In this session he will share elements of his CEO Appointment Engine™.


Impact Investing
in partnership with the WealthiHer Network

Tuesday 21st July, 6.30pm via Zoom
Members and two guests complimentary

A recent survey, conducted by the Department for International Development, highlighted that more than 70% of people in the UK wanted their own investments to achieve good for people and the planet. Impact businesses and impact investors want the same things - they both share a strong desire to see that businesses are tri-profitable— producing financial rewards, social benefits and environmental regeneration. They share the same belief that businesses will do best when they do good. Join The WealthiHer Network Expert panel who will share insights practical tools around impact investing, information on impact washing, the rules, codes and regulations to be wary of, and ideas on what companies you can invest in to make a real difference. The panel will be shared by Stephanie Khalef Wassmer, Executive Director, Global Investment Opportunities Group, J.P. Morgan Private Bank and Dr Christine Chow, Global Technology Lead and Head of Engagement in Asia and Global Emerging Markets, Federated Hermes, and moderated by Deborah Gilshan, Founder of 100% Club.


Very Useful Book Club
“The Human Edge” by Greg Orme, with Linzi Parry

Wednesday 29th July, 8.30am via Zoom
Members and two guests complimentary

The Really Useful Book Club in July will explore “How curiosity and creativity are your superpowers in the digital economy. These are the skills that make us most human and help us succeed.” Orme invites us to harness our human capabilities of Consciousness, Curiosity, Creativity and Collaboration to future-proof ourselves for the changing world of work and do the things that machines and AI can’t! The book takes us through the 4Cs model and helps us experiment along the way.  I’ve always fancied a superpower - how about you?

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