Masters of Scale: Using PR & Media to Become the Go-To in Your Market

Thursday, 23rd May 2024, 6.00pm

Join Senior Forbes journalist Bianca Barratt and PR expert & agency owner Grace Ekenimoh in a session focused on how to utilise the press to become the go-to expert in your market as well as to achieve tangible goals, such as investment, growth and sales.

In this session we will cover:

  1. Challenging the old fashioned accepted views/strategies of press and PR
  2. What modern press at publications like Forbes, Vogue, Entrepreneur are looking for/how it’s different now
  3. How to use press as a marketing tool to become the go to expert in your field and how you can achieve tangible goals (investment, growth, sales etc) by utilising this process
  4. How you can do this yourself without having to hire a PR freelancer or agency.
  5. Followed by a Q&A

Bianca Barratt is a Forbes Senior Contributor and writes features for titles including Vogue, The Sunday Times, Refinery29 and the BBC and has appeared as an expert commentator on live television segments such as Sky News. In 2022 she also founded The Scoop, a digital learning platform dedicated to demystifying media outreach.

Grace Hooper has owned a PR business for over a decade, implementing outreach strategies that evolve with the ever-changing media landscape and working with clients from the startup to large scale stage such as WalkSafe, Ralph Lauren and Maison de Fleurs.

Through The Scoop, Bianca and Grace teach founders how to use press to build a reputation that sells itself, keep PR in house forever and reap the opportunities, impact and sales that this type of visibility brings.

RSVP now on the members’ portal. Limited slots available.