ASK BOSCO® Live: How do you AI?

Wednesday, 3rd July 2024, 8.30AM

Learn firsthand from AI innovators and business trailblazers who are using cutting-edge AI and data techniques to achieve growth and success online. You’ll learn specific actions, tools and data techniques you need to deploy to help level up your AI game whether you’re an agency or an online brand/retailer. Tickets are limited, so please make sure you save your place.

Who’s it for?: Agency and MarTech CEOs, MDs, and CMOs of leading UK brands

What can you expect?

🎤 Informative sessions led by tech and data specialists including by Google, Exposure Ninja, Steve Edge, TikTok, and more
🔥 Fireside chats
💬 Interactive discussions and Q&As
🌐 Networking & Breakfast with Agency Leaders, MarTech CEOs, MDs, and CMOs of leading UK brands

AI overload? Want to know which AI tools and data techniques to focus on? This event is for you.

This is a unique opportunity to gain insight from leaders at the forefront of AI innovation. You’ll get actionable strategies from industry specialists from Google, TikTok, digital marketing and branding who will provide clarity on which AI tools and techniques you should be using to meet your growth goals. Whether you’re navigating digital marketing, growing an agency or brand, refining branding strategies, or looking to optimize your data-driven decision-making, ASK BOSCO® Live will provide a roadmap for the rest of 2024 and beyond.