Home Grown Investment Series: Making an Impact with your Money

Tuesday 23rd May, 6:30pm

After a fantastic launch, we are back with another episode of our Home Grown Investment series. This time we will be focusing on the rise of impact and sustainable investing, exploring the opportunities and challenges that are currently being faced in the sector. We have seen exponential growth in the number of people looking for ways that they can have a greater impact with their money.

The event will be focused on the flow of capital that we are seeing moving into the Sustainable Investment Sector, looking at how different investment houses identify companies that they wish to invest in and their processes to determining this. We will also be focusing on Impact Investing from a Venture Capital perspective and the opportunities/ challenges that the impact space has with early-stage investment. It is widely discussed that ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) is very subjective and we will be reviewing the imminent regulation changes being imposed on this sector and what this means for the finance industry moving forwards.

The event will be hosted by Francesca Smith, Private Office Financial Planner at Jarrovian Wealth and founder of ‘Frankie’s’, an exclusive membership for women looking to connect, collaborate & engage with finance. Frankie will be running the Home-Grown Investor Series with quarterly events focused on a range of different financial and investment topics.

We will be joined by Mike Penrose, Co-Founder and Partner of Sustainability Group and the Sustainability Management Platform, FuturePlus, along with Michel Van Der Spek, Co-Head of Portfolio Management at Rothschild & Co, Lynn Anderson-Clark Co-Founder of The Know, Louisiana Salge, Head of Sustainable Investment for EQ Investors, and Siobhan Archer Sustainable Investment Specialist at LGT Wealth Management.

Mike currently advises many businesses, family offices, sporting organisations, multilateral agencies, and financial companies of making sustainability and social purpose an integral part of their business and investment strategies. Prior to setting up the Sustainability Group he was an Executive Director of UNICEF UK, CEO of the French humanitarian agency Action Contre Le Faim and Global Humanitarian Director at Save the Children.

Michel has twenty-four years investment management experience, joining Rothschild & Co fourteen years ago. Michel’s interest in environmental protection and climate was formed early, travelling the globe seeing the impact of global warming first hand. Trying to solve this problem on your own feels like an insurmountable mountain, but identifying and investing in companies that are part of the solution is one of the many ways he feels he can contribute.

Lynn has founded a London-Based media company focused on helping people change their relationship with the news. Lynn is very active in the startup community and raised seed capital for The Know as an Impact Business publishing news to 125,000+ each day with no jargon and digestible formats via social media/ newsletters.

Louisiana is responsible for innovating EQ’s approach to sustainable investing, overseeing their ESG impact and integration strategy across all assets, along with EQ’s stewardship efforts and sustainability data reporting.

Siobhan, joined LGT from the UN Supported Principles for Responsible Investment where she covered investors in the UK and Ireland, advising on ESG issues. For LGT she works across the firm bolstering stewardship across the firm and providing support to financial advisers on sustainable investment themes.

This event is open to both members and non-members. Tickets are complimentary and include a welcome drink. Non-members can buy their tickets here.