The Dubel Prize stands as a prestigious accolade, dedicated to acknowledging and uplifting emerging British artists who showcase their exceptional work either within the bounds of Britain or on the international stage.

In recognition of the myriad challenges faced by the performing arts in recent years—marked by numerous lockdowns, social restrictions, and health constraints—the Dubel Prize seeks to shine a spotlight on exceptionally talented artists. Our overarching mission is not only to applaud their creativity but also to offer unwavering support and assistance throughout the year and beyond.

Freddie Peacock is a 20-year-old London-based creative prodigy. He is the latest young talent to breakthrough the London scene, honoring his skills as a contemporary artist and designer. Originally heavily focused on portraiture as a painter, Peacock expanded his horizons to both landscapes and timeless statement pieces, with the aim of showing his audience that he is talented in more than one field. A remarkable career so far has been recognised by numerous brands, musicians and media outlets on a worldwide scale.

This event will run from 6.30pm till 10.30pm with complimentary drinks and canapes. There will also be live music and DJ entertainment to celebrate this occasion.

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