How To Build A Fast Growing Startup with Victoria the App

Panel Discussion

Wednesday 27th  July –  7pm


Dispelling The Myth: How To Build A Unicorn Startup…

Hear from the speaker panel as to how these companies valued over $1billion have got to where they are today and hear from the founders behind them.


Anthony Collias – Host
Anthony is the Co-Founder of Treepoints, the world’s first platform to reward you for offsetting your carbon footprint. Anthony and his co-founder Jacob decided to use their skills to target one of the world’s biggest problems: climate change. A fusion of a subscription plan and external API, Treepoints allows users and businesses to achieve carbon neutrality status.

Cleo Sham
Cleo is a Partner at Stride. VC, a London-based venture capital firm targeting seed-stage start-ups. Prior to Stride VC, Cleo was the Director of Operations at Uber and was responsible for building Uber’s Guangzhou city business and team to become Uber’s largest city business globally.

Mariam Jimoh
Mariam is the founder and CEO of Oja, a one-stop shop for ethnic groceries and cultural food, with a focus on filling gaps for underrepresented communities. Oja’s mission is to radically reshape groceries and make foods from all cultures accessible from anywhere in the world.

Alexia de Broglie
Alexia is the Co-Founder of Your Juno, the app known as the “Duolingo of money”. It aims to close the gender gap in financial literacy, by offering easy-to-digest courses on investing and personal finance topics. The platform accumulated 15,000 users in its first few months and has helped women and non-binary people gain financial confidence.

Vicky Cheng
As the Founder of Victoria the app, Vicky is on a mission to create something truly unique by connecting a like-minded community via curated experiences. Launched in 2020, the app has already partnered with many luxury lifestyle brands and celebrities including Lottie Moss, Joshua Kane, Laylow, Home House and BXR.


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