Cereal Entrepreneurs: Maximising Teamwork and Productivity with DiSC® profiling

Wednesday 20th September, 8:30am

Frustrated by the cycle of hiring the wrong people? Not sure why your team isn’t performing as well as you’d hoped? Struggling to communicate effectively and deal with conflict?

DISC profiling can help.

Most people have come across personality profiling tools in their careers; Myers Briggs, Insight Colours, the one with the animals… they can all seem to blend into one. They define you as a “type”, tell you about the traits associated with that type and that’s kind of it. Interesting perhaps, but is it really useful?

DISC profiles differ in that the recognise you may have very different behaviours and preferences in different situations. Join scale-up coach Tanya Moody to discover the wonderful world of DISC and how you can use it to solve some of the most common problems entrepreneurs face when growing their businesses.


Arrival from 8:30am

9am breakfast and presentation start promptly

10:00am finish

Places are £10 for this event and include a light breakfast. You can purchase your tickets here.

If you want to run a full assessment of your DISC profile you can do so for additional £30. Please email membersevents@homegrownclub.co.uk if you’d like to do this.

This event is open to members and up to one guest.