Celebrating International Earth Day Panel: Brands Leading the Green Way 

Monday, 22nd April 2024, 6.30pm 

Join us in marking International Earth Day with an enlightening panel discussion focused on the transformative power of sustainability in business. Discover the invaluable insights from industry leaders who have effectively scaled their businesses through robust sustainability strategies.

This panel event is dedicated to showcasing how companies are integrating sustainable practices into their operations, not just to benefit the environment but to fuel their growth and success. Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, understanding the benefits of a sustainability strategy is crucial in today’s eco-conscious market.


Mark Cuddigan, CEO at THIS™ and Ex-CEO of Ella’s Kitchen

Mark Cuddigan - THIS™ A certified B Corporation | LinkedIn

Asad Hamir, Co-founder of Klyk 

Asad Hamir - Klyk | LinkedIn

More information to come. 

Tickets are available for members on the members’ portal at £5, while non-members can purchase their tickets for £25 here instead. £5 from each ticket will be donated to SKOOT Eco. RSVP now to confirm your slot.