Serial entrepreneur Lex Deak has his finger on the pulse of the start-up scene and great sense of what’s happening in both tech and other sectors.

Lex is the Founder and Managing Partner for QVentures, a private membership-only investment club for sophisticated investors, co-founder of KinderList, a platform to discover innovative gifts for children,  and the  Founder and CEO for Tendr Deals (renamed to OFF3R), he is also an Ambassador for The Supper Club. QVentures has funded multiple companies and is  partnered with Home Grown collaborating on our members’ events calendar as well as recently  moving  their  office into Home Grown.

Lex is a sharp, straight talking and switched on business man whose broad experience allows him see the bigger picture and provide fresh insights to problems. As part of the initial Advisory  Panel for Home Grown, Lex has been both generous with his time and connections introduced to Home Grown, always   bringing  A-grade people together to support entrepreneurs and investors build valuable businesses.