Duro is the CEO of 2020 Change, an award-winning social enterprise that helps young Londoners from low socioeconomic backgrounds fulfil their true potential. 2020 Change aims to create long standing change by delivering programmes on personal development, training and the social capital needed to thrive in the workplace. Through the flagship ‘I AM CHANGE’ programme the organisation helps to develop the self-confidence that empowers each candidate to become the best versions of themselves.

The programme helps to create a smooth transition from education to the workforce by offering work experience in a number of different sectors.

Duro’s national recognition came in 2013 after he raised £50k to fund his first independent film project ‘247365 Change’. Since then he has gone on to produce several  documentary film projects with The BBC.

Duro has  won several  awards and accolades and is fellow at the Acumen Academy.