A Californian based in Europe for 30 years, Allyson is an international business advisor, author, speaker, broadcaster and Non-Executive Director.  She is the Founder and CEO of International Marketing Partners, having advised over 240 businesses across 26 countries to successfully internationalise after starting her career with PwC, PA Consulting Group and Hay Management Consultants.

Besides appearing on the past four seasons of BBC’s The Apprentice, Allyson spent several years as Sky News’ “Muse of Marketing” and appears as a regular expert for BBC News, Deutsche Welle, France 24, FT and many other outlets.

Allyson is author of both editions of best-selling book Working with Americans, the first-ever manual on the US business culture

“The great value of meeting like-minded Home Grown members means learning from them how to avoid the pitfalls of rapid growth but as or more importantly, making lasting, meaningful friendships.”