How to become an entrepreneur with no money or experience?


Many people think that entrepreneurship is the answer for all those who want to be their own boss and become financially independent. Although it may sound extremely exciting, starting and running your own business isn’t easy.

Fortunately, you’ll find a lot of tips to help you get started. You’re probably wondering how to begin if you have no money or experience? Does this mean you can’t start a business?

Definitely not! You can become an entrepreneur even if you have little to no cash or experience. We’ll cover all of this here..

What is Entrepreneurship?

A lot of people want to become entrepreneurs. They don’t report to anybody, they want to choose what hours to work, and more. Can you start a business even if you have no experience? Absolutely yes!

Experience isn’t a requirement to become a stand-out entrepreneur. Even the most successful business owner had to start somewhere. They were once inexperienced too, and had to learn the ropes along the way.

Before you launch a business, you should consider what interests you, what you’re passionate about, and what you have a good knowledge of.

In case you don’t have any idea, there are a few questions you can ask yourself.

  • What are your interests?
  • What are you good at?
  • What are the skills you possess?
  • What kind of business can you build around your skills?
  • What Skills Do You Need To Become An Entrepreneur?

Aside from your skills, there are certain competencies that you need to possess.


You need to be determined. The conditions that you will face when you start a business won’t be easy. That’s why you should have the determination to make things work and to rise above the difficulties you face along the way.


You should also start understanding the finances of your business so you can plan, and even work with financial professionals, such as bank managers and accounts, that may help you establish your business.


Communication is also key. You’ll need the help of people as you start your business and this will require a lot of coordination. You need to communicate with everyone involved in order to make things work.


You must be resilient and weather the storm that may come your way as you operate your business. There will be sleepless nights, emergencies, stress, and more.

Steps To Becoming An Entrepreneur

Get Ideas

Every successful business started with an idea. How do you come up with one?

A profitable business offers products or services that people are willing to pay for to answer their frustrations or problems. With that being said, start asking your family and friends what frustrates them. Take note of all their answers and come up with an idea that may alleviate those frustrations.

Another way of getting ideas is to take inspiration from other startups. You can visit Werd, Kickstarter, or Product Hunt. Checking these sites out can help kickstart your thought process.

You should also identify trends that are relevant to your market or industry. Doing so will help you future proof your ideas and make sure that it’ll stay relevant for years to come.

Choose Your Category

Choose a category that you find interesting but doesn’t have too much competition. Avoid industries that are known to be challenging because in most cases, there are many people who are creating products or services in that particular space.

Once you’ve selected your preferred category, you should familiarise yourself with the products in that specific category. Know their benefits, marketing strategy, reviews, and possible improvements. You should also try to identify if you can add new features, use different materials, customize the products, or make the necessary improvements.


Answer an Underserved Demand

Were you able to identify a gap in the market? Did you notice a demand that’s not being served? If so, take advantage of it. Fill the gap by providing a service or product.

Improve An Existing Offering

You don’t always have to create a new product. You can offer an existing one but with better quality and cheaper price. Just make sure that there’s existing demand.

Create A Business Plan

Whenever we mention the term business plan, we immediately imagine lots of paperwork and brainstorming. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. The process of coming up with a business plan can be simple and can help you determine your objectives.

The primary objective of a business plan is to know what you plan to achieve and where you’re heading. It helps you focus on the most important things and make well thought out decisions ahead of time.

Within your initial business plan, you can also create a list of goals you want to achieve in the short term. You may also include steps that you plan to take every day as you run your business.

Test The Market

Before you go full blast, you should test the market first. Always remember that your success depends on various factors including commercial awareness. Roll out your product or service on a small scale and get feedback from your customers. This way, you’ll know what improvements you need to make to satisfy your client’s needs and demands.

Secure Funding

Given that you’re starting a business without little to no money at all, you need to get funding.

You may secure a small business grant, low-interest loans, or venture capital through government-backed programs. You may also look for an angel investor who can work with you during the early stage of your business. But you need to have a good business plan if you want to convince an angel investor to give you the capital you need. You may also consider crowdfunding or microloans.

Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

You should get comfortable with failure because you won’t get everything right the whole time. Don’t be scared to fail because it happens to the best of us.

Starting a business isn’t easy. You just need to take the leap. You will find a lot of how-to’s and guides online on how to be an entrepreneur but as you know, experience is always the best teacher.

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