The Long and Short of it: Legacy – In partnership with LGT Vestra

Wednesday 16th June, 6:30pm

Lucy Ritchie – Partner at LGT Vestra (Host)

Timothy Han, Founder of Timothy Han Editions

Chris Fung, Founder of Lunch & Co

What exactly does legacy mean? Why do we strive for it and how we can maximise and translate it into value…

LGT Vestra’ The Long & Short of It is designed to educate and entertain. This session looks deep into the heart of an entrepreneur and business leader by opening up discussion about Legacy. Lucy will be interviewing two business founders, Timothy Han and Chris Fung to uncover their respective interpretations of Legacy and what it means as a business owner and leader to create a lasting legacy.

Guests Timothy and Chris operate in different sectors however are bound by this common denominator. We talk about how this translates into growth and value.

Lucy will interview Timothy and Chris about their respective journeys and where they envision this going next. We will discuss how Legacy affects everything from the large vision down to the smallest of operations, and why it is so important. Lucy will draw parallels with her own role as manager and custodian of private client wealth.

This topic is broad and important and so the session will open up the theme to the audience in a highly accessible and translatable way.

Arrival from 6.15pm

Presentation starts promptly at 6.30pm

7.30pm option to stay and network

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