Business Leader eCommerce debate

October 27 from 10 am


You’ve been invited to join a virtual event with our partners Business Leader,  on October 27 from 10 am until 11 am they will be hosting an online debate where they will discuss the future of the eCommerce sector with two industry experts.


What is the event about?

The pandemic has accelerated the e-commerce and home delivery boom; with consumers and businesses now living in a ‘just in time’ world where, following the click of a button, they expect goods and services to be delivered on time. This boom and evolving customer expectation has put extra pressure on businesses to be faster and better than ever before.

Throw into the mix tech challenges, driver shortages and the climate crisis – eCommerce brands are facing not only delivery and fulfillment challenges, but existential ones too.

To unpick this subject, Business Leader will speak to Pol Sweeney from international logistics software supplier Descartes and Chris McShane from Halfords.


The following topics will be discussed:

  • How can brands build customer-centric offerings with rising customer expectations?
  • What impact are driver shortages having and how can the issues be solved?
  • How are businesses tackling environmental concerns?
  • Is the ‘just in time’ model sustainable?
  • How can technology help eCommerce brands?


To book your place at this debate please go here: