The Business Case for Love

Tuesday 2nd November 2021, 8:00am


To understand how leadership and companies need to behave to be ‘Best In Class’ and meet the needs and wants of today’s employees and customers.

London born, Marc is the founder of The Company Spirit and originator of the philosophy and approach called the ‘Business Case for Love’. Embraced by CEO’s and Leadership Teams from the UK, Europe, the USA and the Far East, who are looking for a different approach to creating an authentic company culture, the Business Case for Love works because it meets the needs and wants of today’s employees and customers.

Marc is the author of ‘The Business Case for Love: How Companies Get Bragged About Today’. This is published by Palgrave MacMillan and was first released in the Spring of 2020.

Marc has been thrilled with the response from all corners of the globe and promises that it is not a dry and preachy business book

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