Russia – Prospects, Risks and Opportunities  – event hosted by our partners at Pensavvi

Wednesday 5th May at 3:00pm

There is a lot of noise in the media about Russia and the Ukraine, Navalny, Nordstream, sanctions and diplomat expulsions, but our panel will help to make sense of what is really going on.

What is certain is that, whether positively developing or degrading , Russia will generate big risks and opportunities. Here are some of the key themes we will be discussing: Russian virtues and vices as seen by markets: macroeconomic ‘virtue’ priced into bonds; other assets and ruble with a ‘vice’ discount. Is this a value trap or a re-rating opportunity?

That will depend in particular on how Russia, as an authoritarian petro-state, negotiates the following two major challenges:

  • Top leadership rotation
  • The global energy transformation
  • Modest-sized open economy with serious military power: is this combination a springboard for success or a recipe for failure?
  • Can a country locked in confrontation with the US develop successfully? Does the West cooperate where it can, compete where it must?
  • Inconspicuous developments and surprise factors: new ‘digital’ generation, modern companies with smart managements, deep culture transcending political economy.

The event will be chaired by Chris Granville, the co-founder of leading research firm TS Lombard and one of the most experienced Russia-watchers in the financial markets.

He will be joined by Masha Gordon, a seasoned investor in the Russian market with the likes of Pimco and Goldman Sachs Asset Management. Nowadays Masha holds a number of Supervisory Board, Chairwoman and NED roles with Russian companies such as Detsky Mir, Alrosa, Moscow Exchange & Polyus Gold.

Chris and Masha will be supported by the renowned geopolitical forecaster Rear Admiral Dr Chris Parry CBE PhD.

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