Tuesday 23rd March at 6:30pm

LGT Vestra present the fourth webinar in a series of investment events designed to educate and entertain. This time we delve deep into the journey of a very special company disrupting the Cider marketplace here in the UK. The webinar will combine our previously discussed concepts: volatility, sustainability and decisions all within this truly inspiring case study.

SXOLLIE was Founded by Laura Clacey who has the mission to innovate and disrupt the Cider market in a modern and sustainable way. Laura and her Husband Karol will join us to discuss the genesis and journey of their SXOLLIE. We will discuss their experiences entering the UK marketplace, their current fundraising round, elevating cider and breaking down barriers to enter the retail market and the challenges in operating sustainable.

What’s more everyone attending the event will be invited back to Home Grown  upon our reopening to enjoy a  night of  SXOLLIE courtesy of Laura and Karol.

Join via Zoom