How to get ready to raise funding – Pitch like a pro with  Nick Telson

Wednesday 5th May 06:30 pm

Getting ready to raise capital?   Impressing Angels and VCs to get your funding really isn’t rocket science  but can become a lengthy process which takes you as the entrepreneur away from your business for a substantial period of time.

Nick Telson is  the co-founder of Horseplay Ventures, a seed and early-stage investment arm and Startup Studio and Pitch Deck podcast, a top 10 global business podcast where founders pitch for investment. Previously from 2010 to 2020  Nick was the co-founder of  SaaS and media business, DesignMyNight which he took to exit in 2020, 5 years after receiving angel funding.

Nick, also a startup mentor at Virgin Startup and London & Partners, shares his  advice and  experience in generating investment.


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