Tuesday 20th April at 5pm
How To Bring You Closer to Your Perfect Work/Life Balance with Fab Giovanetti

Fab Giovanetti is an award-winning wellness entrepreneur and marketing consultant. She is also the founder of Creative Impact, a collective of hundreds of creatives making a positive impact on the planet. In her new book, Reclaim Your Time Off, she shares the precious systems she’s taught business owners, employees and freelancers to bring you closer to your vision of the perfect work/life balance, demonstrating how to rest and work smarter.

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In her upcoming talk Fab will share her toolkit for thriving in the modern world which includes:

  • Her three-step solution to maximize productivity: Simplify, Delegate, Automate
  • How to prioritize what you love doing and redefine your ‘metrics of success’
  • How to build better boundaries at work and say no

Join via Zoom