Hosted by Phil Lewis & Claire Croft

2020 may be behind us, but the need to adapt is still firmly on the heels of businesses and their leaders as we head into 2021. The only way to move on and ensure our businesses thrive is to not only manage change, but to actively seek it in every possible form.

Capitalise on the opportunity a new year brings, and join award-winning transformational experts Corporate Punk in a two-hour workshop that will get you set for the year ahead. They will unpack how businesses can improve their agility and adaptability – fast, and offer insight, practical advice, and actions that leaders can implement now.

You will walk away with:

·        Practical tools and techniques that you can start using immediately to create, lead and manage change

·        A radically improved understanding of the organisational dynamics that impact performance at times of stress and pressure

·        Real-world examples of other businesses’ change processes

This workshop will help leaders not only to build a business that can withstand the shocks of the future, but also drive significantly improved revenue performance today.