Capital Expenditure Debate in Partnership with Business Leader

From 10am, Tuesday 16th September


What is the event about?

Our partners at Business Leader will be exploring the subject of capital expenditure and analyse trends and best-practice in this space with Shawbrook Bank and RSM. The panel of experts will be sharing their views on what options are available for businesses, how they can leverage tax incentives and what trends are being seen in this area.


Who will be on the panel?

On the panel will be a team of experts, advisers and Business Leaders that include:

• Alex Douglas: Associate Director, RSM UK Tax and Accounting Ltd
• Omar Faramawi: Business Development Director, Shawbrook Bank
• Gary Burns: Head of Construction, MAF Finance Group
• Nick Simpson: Managing Director, Asset Finance Solutions UK


Amongst the topics that will be discussed will be:

  • Capital expenditure during Covid-19 – are levels up or down?
  • What is Super-deduction and how can it help your business or your client’s business?
  • How and where can you access funding to invest?
  • How can CFOs and leaders make the best investment decisions
  • What funding options are best at which growth stage?


This event would suit business leaders and finance directors (or managers) that run companies investing in capital expenditure. It will also be relevant for commercial brokers and advisors in this space.


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