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Archie Hewlett,
Duke + Dexter

Politicians can learn that being honest and transparent is the only way you'll ever succeed in the long run.

Daniel Priestley

Daniel Priestley

Dent Global

Politicians can learn from a powerful strategy entrepreneurs use to create alignment and performance - a transparent dashboard that everyone can easily see. One central dashboard that benchmarks performance against objectives and key results with live data would be useful for all to see. Without a clear dashboard, emotions can run hot based upon gut-feel rather than facts.

Julie Devonshire

Julie Devonshire

King's College Entrepreneurship Institute

I don’t think Britain has ever been more in need of entrepreneurial mindsets than it is right now. Entrepreneurial people have ideas, often operate as teams, know how to validate and compel and, ultimately, get stuff done. I think that the public’s perception of almost all of our politicians right now is that they are, at best, disingenuous.

Secret Leaders

I feel like politicians have one of the few jobs that might be more stressful than 
entrepreneurship, and often with much less reward. One thing they can improve is how to listen to, and adapt according to, a changing landscape of consumer or voter demand. Embracing technology has been the single most impactful change made by those who have won the biggest landslides. To even the playing field, mixing learning how to listen and implementing communication through technology is the opportunity. Entrepreneurs know this but most politicians are still way behind.